Thursday, 7 June 2012

saas-class-pastebin. FAQ

I will write here small FAQ about my Chrome Extension for aggregated from user's questions:

Why do I need to install it?
If you don't want to spend time on recognizing/retyping links to pastebin from lecture videos in Software as a Service class when it's for you.

How to get started?
It's described here.

What will happen if there is a new video out?
After manual processing of new videos updated version of saas-class-pastebin extension will be released to  Chrome Webstore.
I'm working on this question to preprocess videos from previous course.

How to know if lecture is processed?
Check extension version: 1.0.X.Y, where X is last processed chapter and Y is last processed lecture number in chapter.

How to check extension version?
Open "Options -> Tools -> Extensions" and see version of extension.

Do we need to update the plugin manually?
No. After new version released in Chrome Webstore, your Google Chrome browser will automatically update extension in few hours.

saas-class-pastebin. Get started

Who is here?
I assume you are familiar with Software as Service( and don't want to spend time retyping links from lecture videos.

My motivation of writing this Chrome Extension was described in previous post.

How it's easy to start:

0. Install Google Chrome

1. Download extension from Chrome Web Store or checkout project from github and deploy extension manually (see 'Create and load an extension'#4 Load the extension).

2. Restart Chrome. This is important!

3. Open video lecture at some specific time on and click on extension icon. Table with "time -> pastebin code" or message that lecture doesn't have pastebin codes will pop-up.

4. Pastebin code that is used in video at current playing time will be with green background. Simply click on it and new tab will be opened.


Yeah, it's open source! So you are free to add any fancy styling or make/ask  for any feature you think is useful.

saas-class-pastebin. Prolog

It's amazing how people and especially engineers want to automate every repeated boring task that they faced. Same was with me. I was taking Massive Online Open Course 'Software as Service' class from Berkley and one thing annoyed me all the time. When I watched lectures code examples video were of pure quality and I need to firstly recognize and after retype links to from videos and that's made be angry, mainly during quizzes and while doing homework.
That's why I decided to develop tool that will help not only me, but every student in class.
I decided to develop Chrome Extension for that shows user list of pastebin links on page for currently playing video.
This how extension looks like. Interested? Come in.